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Law Firm

The firm wishes to provide the individuals and the companies with legal assistance in the field of inventive and creative activities. Within these activities, nowadays, distinctive signs and trademarks have developed an increasing importance, considering their role in the market business by individuals and companies, as well by advertisement and sponsoring.

Study and research which lead to creation and invention (so-called euresis - ευρεσις) need to have a certain and well-defined legal context in order to be protected, which it shows up with the language (the logos - λογος).

In a geographical area such is the EU, where creations, inventions and technologies are exported as well, the definition and the protection of intellectual and industrial property play an increasingly important role. At the beginning of the economical process the good, the product, originally conceived as material good (produced by manufacturing), evolves in an non material good, a concept based on knowledge (which can be contained as well in a patent) and information.

In this context, the Italian situation is peculiar, since with the increasing importance of the denomination "Made in Italy", protection of design and of typical food products are increasingly important.

In IP and industrial law area, the legal service, besides the judicial assistance, provides as well a very relevant consultancy activity, as well as negotiation and drafting of contracts (cessions, licensing, franchising, distribution...), basing on which intellectual and industrial property circulates in Italy, in the EU and at a worldwide level.

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